Wine Judges of Canada

Board of Directors
Patti Polfuss

Patti Polfuss

Executive Member - Chair

Patti has attained “Ultimate Master Vintner” and “Grand Master Cider Maker” designations. She became a Certified Wine Judge in 2009, Vice Chair in 2019 and Training Director/Program Designer in 2020.

Craig Fleming

Executive Member - Treasurer

Craig is a Certified Wine Judge with WJC and has earned his Advanced Certification. He is the former "Director of Events for the Ontario Wine Society" and is currently the WJC Treasurer.

Jean Farrall

Executive Member - Secretary

Gary Collins

Communications/ Web Site

Gary has been an Award-winning Winemaker/Cider Maker since 1998. He was recruited by “Wine Judges of Canada '' in 2002, and is an active Member, Regional Representative, Communications Director, Web Master and former WJC Chair(2017-18).

Wine Judges of Canada

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